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Exeplore Hire Agreement

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The terms and conditions of hire and use of hire equipment from Exeplore Limited are subject to change (written) at any time without notice at the discretion of the management of Explore Limited.  The hire company is referred to as Exeplore Ltd.  The hirer/s are referred to as I/we or the hirer/s.  This hire agreement is a binding contract between the company (Exeplore Ltd) and the Hirer/s.


1. Exeplore Ltd reserve the right to refuse hire of any equipment, to anyone, at any time, the refusal decision is at Exeplore Ltd's discretion.  In these extraodrinary circumstances, when requested by a customer enquiry or booking to attend a location and a refusal to supply is decided upon.  Exeplore Ltd can apply reasonable charges to cover the costs of the delivery to that customer location.  The delivery of each hire item* charged at £25 is usually considered to be reasonable costs under these circumstances.  If Exeplore ltd attend a location of greater than usual distance to travel, additional charges apply. (*Each hire item is specified overleaf).  Such a fee is liquidated damages and represents the additional administration costs incurred in dealing with these circumstances.

2. Any hire booking request must allow at least 12hrs advance notice.  This is to allow time for preparation and delivery of the hire equipment.

 3.  I/we the hirer/s, take full responsibility for the care and use of the hire equipment for the Hire period;

from the location and time of delivery of the hire equipment until such time that the equipment is returned to, or collected by Exeplore Limited in the same condition as I/we received the hire equipment.

4. The designated signatory for the hirer/s (the person signing and therefore taking overall responsibility) will agree to leave payment card details and produce a corresponding photo i.d card for a security deposit. In the event of damage caused or equipment lost the hirer will pay the cost of each exact or closest equivalent item requiring repair or replacement, whichever is deemed fair by Exeplore ltd.  In addition any labour cost required to travel, recover, replace or repair the hire equipment within reason.

5. I/we will wear the provided helmet/s and all personal protection equipment provided at all times.

6. I/we understand that all group members are supervised at all times when using the hire equipment and take full responsibility for the groups safety and welfare during the hire period.

7. I/we will not allow anyone to use the hire equipment that is unfit to do so for any reason: specifically, though alcohol consumption in the line with the normal UK alcohol driving limits.

8.  I/we will ensure that the hire equipment is used at all times safely and with due consideration of others including pedestrians, animals, cyclist, and all other forms of transport.

9.  I/we understand that I/we am responsible for the security of the hire equipment at all times/ and will lock it if I/we leave it unattended at any time. I/we understand that locking the equipment does not mitigate my responsibilities in the event of the equipment being stolen.

10.  I/we will return the equipment to the agreed location on or before the time specified in this Agreement in the condition that it was hired without defect/s.

11. I/we will notify Exeplore Ltd immediately if any damage is caused to the equipment, or if it is involved in an accident of any kind, during the Hire period.

12. I/we agree that I will be responsible for any loss or damage caused to the equipment during the Hire period, and will repay the cost of any such loss or damage.

13. I/we understand that an extension to any hire period must be notified and agreed in written form by Exeplore Ltd.  This must be done at least 12hours before end of hire period time on the original agreement.  This agreement would then carry over to cover the original and extended period in its interiority.

14.  In the event that the hire is canceled without a minimum of 12 hours notice, or the equipment is not made available on time at the end of hire and not notified and agreed for an extension of hire period. I/we agree to pay the delivery cost of hire for the period.

15.  I/we agree additional costs of £25 per item per day (24hrs) late* fees for all equipment, ( *15minutes outside the agreed time slot), up to a period of 48hrs. Such a fee is liquidated damages and represents the additional administration costs incurred in dealing with late returns.  After this 48hr period the equipment will be reported stolen and a charge of the items starting recommended retail price for each item will be applied to the hirer’s payment card.

16.  The hire period and therefore this agreement will remain in place until the equipment is returned and inspected to be functional and acceptable to the official Exeplore ltd representative, at which point the equipment must return to “available for hire” status with Exeplore Ltd representative before the security deposit is released.

17. I/we the hirer/s agree to indemnify Exeplore Ltd from any liability for loss,damage or injury caused to whatever or whomever from use of the hire equipment. It is understood that by signing this waiver the risks attached to using the equipment are understood by the hirer/s and they agree that Exeplore ltd make every effort to provide fair warning in the terms of this agreement/waiver.

18.  I/we the hirer/s agree to be responsible for the awareness of UK laws regarding use of the equipment on a public highway. 

Registered Address: Exeplore Ltd, 35 Bittern Road, Sowton Industrial Estate, Exeter, EX2 7LW

Registered in England & Wales Company Number: 7951174